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Will Izzy open her heart to love’s embrace, or opt for the exclusive company of her “soulmutt”?

Izzy Faraday is a strong and independent 30-year-old woman living alone with her service dog. She finds her life turned upside down when she stumbles upon a hidden element of her identity. Izzy has an exceptional gift she never knew she possessed, and an opportunity to intertwine her soul with that of an extraordinary woman.

As Izzy digs deeper, she discovers that the mysterious mark on her wrist is important and has a connection to her past she never knew about. With her beloved “soulmutt” by her side, Izzy embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Destined to unlock the secrets of her heart, she sets her future on a fresh course.

Embark on a soul-stirring adventure today! Buy “Soulmates and Soulmutts”, and let its enchanting tale linger with you well beyond the last page. Dive into the first of the Soulmark Series to experience a world where destiny and passion collide. Unveil the truths that will forever alter Izzy’s life.

“Great characters, heartwarming story. I could read it over and over again.”

~ Sally Ebersole

“Truly a joyful read. I can’t wait for Book 2 in the series.”

~ Deb Rowland-Bird

“A contemporary love story set against a backdrop of intrigue and mysticism; toss in a larger-than-life bestie and you get a genuine read that won’t disappoint.”

~ Tracy Overlade

“I recommend this book to anyone who has ever felt true love, wondered what fate means, and enjoys being enveloped in the mystery of things — in particular, the discovery of a Soulmate and forever love.”

~ Judi Kesselring-Bursby


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